Friday, 24 June 2016

Ready To Conquer the BEAST - SMOK TFV8

So I have just got off the phone to my friend Reanne who has just called me to inform me that she won't be able to meet me for lunch today as she's just ordered herself what people are claiming are going to be the biggest tank release in the vaping market for a long time... See Here.

So it looks like i'm going to have to dress up my new Wismec RX200 S with a new tank as the anticipation on these is so strong that I can't wait to see if I am missing out.

I have to have big vapour clouds when I vape, thats a given, but it can't come at the compromisation on flavour, just not possible as where is the enjoyment in a flavourless cloud?

So lets hope that the SMOK TFV8 BEAST can ante up as its not the cheapest choice out there... I'll keep you all updated.

Friday, 1 April 2016

A Dripper But Better - The Kanger Dripbox Kit

I've been a vaper for roughly 6 months now but it has taken over my habit for smoking and for that I can only thank it for coming along into my life but i'll be the first to admit that it can sometimes be pretty much the same in, same out if you don't vary things. But that's general in life too right?

Well while i may well love my current mod device and tank, one of the guys that I know took a step further and picked up a 'dripper', pretty much like the vape set up that I have but without a tank, so you just drip the e-liquid straight onto the wick before you vape but it can be a pain when he has to reach for the bottle of liquid in his bag.

The flavour and vapour that comes of it was so good that I thought that I would take a look about for a cheaper alternative or simply look at buying a dripper top for my Innokin Cortex but while looking i came across something new.

Kanger Tech, the guys behind the Subox Mini Kit, Nano etc have released a new device which not only gives you a dripper tip but also the ability to be able to hold e-liquid too!

Check out the Kanger Dripbox Starter Kit, it holds 7ml of juice and still works like a dripper... Winning combination.

Definitely on the agenda for next pay day i think...

Monday, 29 February 2016

E Juice UK Stores - Ones I Use

Okay so once again I thought that I would answer a regular question that I am asked about right here on the blog, simply because I need something to cover as well as saving me rolling off the list of stores that I have used in the past.

Lauren asked me the other day at work where I got my latest vape, Charlie's Chalk Dust - Wonder Worm from as she liked it when she got the nod to stick some in her Kanger Subox mini.

She isn't the first person to have asked me about where I buy my eliquids and hardware, so here we are with a run down of the sites that are certainly worth a look if you get the chance:

Forums - Forums - Forums

Online Stores


Hope those help guys, I've used them either in the past or still do today so they get my up vote.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Just starting to vape? You need a Mini Volt Kit

Recently I have had a number of my friends ask me about vaping and why I prefer it to traditional cigarette smoking and the answer most of the time is that I believe that it is healthy for me, it does save me money and I do enjoy it more than a cigarette.

However with that tends to come the age old question, if I was to recommend a vapouriser or ecigarette for someone that was starting out, what would it be and why?

Well because of those people, I'm going to share with you my thoughts about the number one tip that I give to newbies to the vaping world, the Council of Vapor Mini Volt kit.

When starting out, naturally I was cautious of what I was going to buy in terms of vapouriser, I mean I have heard so many horror stories that contain those over the counter style ones that you can get at any petrol station throughout the UK, so I took to YouTube to take a look at some device reviews to see if there was anything that jumped out to me.

I have always been told that when it comes to your health, you shouldn't cut corners or price tags, which means that if you want to begin to vape and reduce your cigarette use, then you need to start with a device that is going to give vaping the perfect chance to shine through, otherwise you're never going to stick with it.

After watching hours of reviews, I decided that I would initially go with a device that had some power behind it but wasn't about to need me to get a side cart for my bike to take it out with me, so went with a device that was able to fit into the palm of my hand without too much sticking out of it, more because when i started it wasn't as widely seen.

The device that best suited this was the Council of Vapor Mini Volt kit, a complete mod set up that included both the battery and the tank, pretty much everything other than the e liquid you actually add into it to begin your journey.

Although small and very much 'mini' by both name and nature, the device packed a good 40W power behind it, giving a good level of vapour and as I found out personally, a high level of taste too once you ensure that you let the juice settle into the wick.

It was easy to fill from the bottom and I don't recall having ever accidentally putting the liquid into the park where the vapour passes through into your mouth, unlike some of the complaints that others have made about some of the cheaper models.

The popularity of the Mini Volt kit is so high that even while writing this for you, trying to find a UK supplier with it in stock at a price that isn't going to need you to break into your student loan, is increasingly difficult but there are some about, like

Overall the Mini Volt by Council of Vapor is a fantastic starter point for anyone reading this, especially if you want to avoid one of those monster mods that look like you are holding a carton of milk or just want something that you know if not about to burn a hole in your pocket!

Monday, 22 February 2016

Forget fruity, I love tobacco and proud but have a new number one vape!

Okay guys, after making the decision to try out a couple more brands and flavours of vaping e-liquids, i thought that I would give you a run down of my latest number one vape, so that you can thank me later!

I'm not really someone that wants to be able experience some combination of watermelon and strawberry throughout the day while i'm at university or at work, it just doesn't seem right so obviously my new bae liquid has to be tobacco flavour based...

Drum roll please...

And the latest must have with the Hird approval is... RY4 e-liquid (VapeTronica).

I have noticed that so many of the guys and gals that I know love to be able to relax on an evening with some of the strange flavours that seem to make their way into the e-liquid market, hell Johnny i'll tip my cap to your J Bomb addiction (only because it makes me dread the weekends!) or Su with her 'BlackJack', but during the day they want to stick with the good old traditional tobacco taste.

Well i'm not a strawberry, dragon fruit or watermelon kinda guy and that means that for me to be able to take a step in a new direction in the evenings, i needed to pick something else with a base of tobacco and wow am I glad that I did...

RY4 eliquid by VapeTronica delivers big time, a solid core of tobacco which you can notice on the inhale but get this... There is a caramel, chocolate and vanilla taste after you exhale!

Packed full of flavour and leaves you a nice aftertaste, its my new number one vape and i'm even thinking of ditching the Virginia blend through the day and trying to make this an all day vape for me.

Have any of you guys tried RY4? Suggest that I try another RY style?

Friday, 19 February 2016

Vaping Etiquette In 3 Easy Steps

Smokers often have a somewhat deservedly bad reputation when it comes to etiquette, but with e cigarettes taking the world by storm and vaping being a much tastier, less pungent smelling alternative to the traditional cigarette, are there still rules that need to be observed?

The answer in short is yes, although your e cigarette may be a much nicer alternative to tobacco smoking there are still some rules that can be observed.

Educate others about e cigarettes

Do you remember the first time you vaped in a public place? Used your electronic cigarettes on a plane or in a restaurant? Then you will also remember the horrified looks you got from the public who thought you had dared flout the rules to light up. As e cigarettes are relatively new, many members of the public are not yet aware of how they work.

If you are approached by someone who is angry and berating you for smoking its best to turn the experience into an educational one and offer them insight into how your device works, rather than engaging in a slanging match that will leave them none the wiser.

Respect others views

A major part of any social etiquette is to respect others views and space, even if you don't agree with their outlook. Vaping may be new and people may still be stuck on the stigma of tobacco smoke, but if someone asks you not to vape in their environment or near them, it's best to respect their wishes and enjoy your experience elsewhere.

Vaping may make others uncomfortable if they are not aware of what you are doing, so if they ask that you refrain, especially in a restaurant or other eatery, its best to acquiesce to their request.

Ask before you vape

Although the rules around vaping in public places are still very vague if you are surrounded by others, the best course of action before having a 'drag' is to ask first. By asking you are showing respect for your environment and those that inhabit it, and it will also reduce awkward or negative interaction with those who may be uninformed or unsure of what you are doing.

Your vaping experience should always be pleasant. By ensuring that you follow these simple etiquette tips you can avoid a confrontation and prove that the days of smokers who just lit and blew their pungent smelling smoke over everyone are long gone, and that the only smell your electronic device will be as delicious as the flavouring you have chosen.

History of Vaping - Quick Look

Way back in 1963 Herbert A. Gilbert invented the world's first non-tobacco, smokeless cigarette, but the device was never commercialised and was considered somewhat redundant as it seemingly had no point.

Fast forward to 2003 and Chinese inventor Hon Lik once again created a smokeless e cigarette that has since taken the market by storm. It appears Lik's invention came about at just the right time, as smoking indoors was becoming regulated and an e cigarette offered a healthier, better smelling alternative to the traditional cigarette.

An e cigarette is actually a relatively simple, straightforward device and it features a replaceable inhaler cartridge that a smoker fills with e liquid. This e liquid is created using vegetable glycerine, polyethylene glycol, nicotine and flavouring and 'smokers' can opt for a huge variety of flavoured liquids to add to their electronic devices. As a smoker inhales on their e cigarette a sensor triggers the built-in vaporiser to produce a small amount of heat that warms up the liquid flavouring.

The liquid then turns to vapour and the 'smoker' draws it in to their mouth, obtaining the same satisfaction as smoking a cigarette, but with a better taste and less harmful chemicals. The main ingredient in any e cigarette cartridge is the polyethylene glycol which is commonly found in many consumer products, and is considered an extremely safe additive and is FDA approved in the USA.

The vaping technology utilised by an e cigarette does not involve the actual lighting or burning of anything, the vaporiser simply heats up and turns the liquid into vapour, thus making vaping a far safer and acceptable form of smoking when in an indoor environment. The smell of the vapour is often indistinct, however if a flavouring is added, it can take on the scent of the e liquid used. With everything from fruity to cocktail, to coffee flavoured e liquids available, this smell will never be unpleasant and it also does not linger or permeate clothes and hair like a traditional cigarette.

Many smokers may be under the impression that an e cigarette works on the same principles as a hookah pipe with a flavoured coal, but they are incorrect. As there is no burning involved the vapour is cleaner and contains fewer chemicals, reducing the chances of smoking related illnesses.

Thanks to the invention and commercialisation of Lik's device, e cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular with smokers who want to be able to enjoy a nicotine hit anywhere they desire, or who are looking for a tastier, cleaner and safer way to smoke.